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It’s almost over!!! Don’t miss out!


If I had known, I would have shared this sooner!!

read below for, more info!

It is so rare that I actually catch it when, Kinu has a sale.. and this one.. I did not know about but, saw it literally at the last minute.. so, I am sharing it with you, so that if your reading this you can hustle over and get all the awesomeness that is on sale!!

There are also lucky boards, and well as you can see it is not only Sakide with a sale happening but, many many other stores!!

H U R R Y!!!!

Also.. if you missed out on any of the past event items… they are upstairs and from the looks of things, they are also included in this sale!

Here is your LIMO.. HAVE FUN!


Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Morgana Hilra. I have been present in Second Life for over 10+ years. Since 2006 as Morgana and also since 2003 as another character (since deleted). If you would like me to review your items, or for me to join a subscriber in SL for blogging, I would be honored, I just ask that you let me know in world, or by email. Although I do accept review copies however, in the long run the main things I blog are items that I love and would recommend to my friends. Personally I think that is the RIGHT way to blog.. without expectations. I love writing, and sharing with the SL and RL world, and this is the best way I can do it. Everyone, sooner or later, finds a place for them in Second Life.. I have tried many aspects and I think, honestly, I have found mine. I do not by any means think I am better then anyone else. I believe that we all have things to learn, and I would love to learn from others as well. I also support other bloggers, and try to encourage them to do their best. Thank you to all who have stood by me, and helped me grow as a blogger and as a person as well. Thank you all! ~M

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