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when troubled seas come to a rest…..

.. it matters who is holding you at the end of time…..

Luc and Morg - So Blue

Song of the day….

read below for, more info!

Last night was a really great night…
I didn’t want it to end, so much so I ended up staying up ALL night… and day.. til I actually got moody, and passed out.
Amazing what can happen to your psyche when your tired beyond comprehension…
However… my company made it worth it.

I decided for this post.. I would share some of the photos I made last night.

I will of course tell you everything I am wearing in the photos… but, I really wanted to share..

So.. the man in the photos with me… thank heavens.. is NOT my male alt.. the way sometimes my posts end up being..
Now, I do not have what he is wearing… but, if it is that important.. let me know, and I will ask him to post it in the comments.

Here are the photos… and below will be your info.. and yes.. these photos ARE edited..

Spending time with Luc


Happy in the moment

Oh the Colors

All photos, except for the last one, were taken at, Black Kite and the poses were from a cuddle mat in the center of the whole sim.

Thank you, Lucifer Hammerer for spending time with me.. and your right, it doesn’t even feel like we were apart..


Skin – -Belleza- Wynter Skin
Hair – Alice Project – Taeyeon – Infinity
Shape – {Anatomy} – Laurie
Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)
Tattoo – +REDRUM+ Winter Becomes You – Tattoo (THIS IS PART OF THE FROST EVENT, COMING SOON)
Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Azure


Outfit – {alterego} pure – white


Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Morgana Hilra. I have been present in Second Life for over 10+ years. Since 2006 as Morgana and also since 2003 as another character (since deleted). If you would like me to review your items, or for me to join a subscriber in SL for blogging, I would be honored, I just ask that you let me know in world, or by email. Although I do accept review copies however, in the long run the main things I blog are items that I love and would recommend to my friends. Personally I think that is the RIGHT way to blog.. without expectations. I love writing, and sharing with the SL and RL world, and this is the best way I can do it. Everyone, sooner or later, finds a place for them in Second Life.. I have tried many aspects and I think, honestly, I have found mine. I do not by any means think I am better then anyone else. I believe that we all have things to learn, and I would love to learn from others as well. I also support other bloggers, and try to encourage them to do their best. Thank you to all who have stood by me, and helped me grow as a blogger and as a person as well. Thank you all! ~M

One thought on “when troubled seas come to a rest…..

  1. I don’t know if I remember all of it anymore, as it has been a long time ago…
    But I will try😉


    Skin: Damaini -> Damiani Pier Eyeliner Cut Shaved Hair Base Tan
    Shape: homemade
    Eyes: freebee
    Hair: Influence-Hair by Naughty -> -N- “The Outsider” – Black Pearl


    Shirt: AOHARU -> V-NeckShirt Black
    Jacket: AOHARU -> Leather Tailored JK_BK
    Pants: AOHARU -> Vintage Denim Dark
    Boots: ANEXX -> 2 Way Belt Lace up Boots Python/Black
    Glasses: FNKY! -> LePhreaks Glasses

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