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⋰R⋰e⋰t⋰i⋰r⋰e⋰m⋰e⋰n⋰t⋰ ⋰S⋰a⋰l⋰e⋰

Retirement Sale Time! ~mark your calendars~

{alterego} Retire Sale

read below for, more info!

From Dec. 7th – Dec. 10th Toxxic 2 will be 75% off!

Some items will retire to the market, some will be deleted!
– VIPs EARN & USE store credit

So, now is the perfect time to go shopping, or maybe take your favorite gal out for a shopping spree!

Enjoy the sale and remember the VIP group is still free for a limited time, so don’t forget to join up!

AlterEgo Limo!


Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Morgana Hilra. I have been present in Second Life for over 10+ years. Since 2006 as Morgana and also since 2003 as another character (since deleted). If you would like me to review your items, or for me to join a subscriber in SL for blogging, I would be honored, I just ask that you let me know in world, or by email. Although I do accept review copies however, in the long run the main things I blog are items that I love and would recommend to my friends. Personally I think that is the RIGHT way to blog.. without expectations. I love writing, and sharing with the SL and RL world, and this is the best way I can do it. Everyone, sooner or later, finds a place for them in Second Life.. I have tried many aspects and I think, honestly, I have found mine. I do not by any means think I am better then anyone else. I believe that we all have things to learn, and I would love to learn from others as well. I also support other bloggers, and try to encourage them to do their best. Thank you to all who have stood by me, and helped me grow as a blogger and as a person as well. Thank you all! ~M

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