December brings a new, Structure your Skin Project!

An event and a mini AD review.. what more could you ask for?
(meaning the advertisement for the product.)

(to view large try this link)

read below for, more info!

Review coming first..

The above skin was created by, Harleyrocker Resident of, Harley Girls Shapes & Skin.
The skin is available at the new round of, Structure your Skin and is called, Mariska.
In the package for, 99L you will receive, 4 skins, 1 shape and 1 brow shaper.

Now, I wish sometimes that I had better, tact so to speak because, it seems sometimes, when I express my HONEST opinion, it is taken as something… rude, or mean.. and I don’t mean to be cruel.. I just, speak my mind…
I have learned in the past that if I hold things in, I get into MORE trouble then it is worth.. so, it is better for me to tell how I feel, and then deal with the aftermath later.

This all being said..

The skin it’s self is very sweet and innocent looking..
Cute face however, the lips.. kind of, disappear in the skin..
I thought about maybe wearing some lipstick but, then..
I made this comment on plurk about how I wished some designers would spend a little more time on their ADs..
No, not photo shop them to high heaven but, some nice lighting.. maybe a nice pose..
Nothing huge..
The photo above, I am using a nice clean windlight setting: Places – Paris 2.
It is soft, yet clear and shows all the details.
My pose is a nice, clear shot of the face.: Diesel Works – Miaa Series.
And, as you can see the photo is CLEAR.
This photo has ZERO edit… I did not liquify anything, no smudging.. nothing.
And this would, yes IN MY OPINION, make a nice AD for, Harley’s store.

This is the designer’s AD..
Referance Photo

I am NOT saying that the designer did not do an Ok job on the skin..
As mentioned above.. it is a cute skin.. just with the lip issue..
I am only saying.. good lighting, a simple pose.. and this would have been an awesome AD.

Please no hate mail.
I have been there, I do not need it now… this is MY OPINION and everyone is entitled to it.

If she would like some help with some of her ADs, I will try to help out some.

Again, in a way I suppose I am saying…
Do not judge a skin solely based on an Ad.. because as you see.. this AD, looks nothing like it does on MY avatar..

And I do not mean anything bad against designers that prefer to show skins with no, photo shopping..
It IS possible to show the skin nicely, with a simple lighting and pose…

Anyway before the lynch mob descends because, in the past they have.. I will now share with you the Structure your Skin December line.

Here is your LM to SYS
Here is your LM to Harley’s Girls
And if you enjoyed the outfit above your info is:

Hair – >TRUTH< Tyler – fades
Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Azure
Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)
Dress – !gO! Ami dress (XYRoom)

Enjoy your photos!

Structure your Skin

Structure your Skin

Structure your Skin

Structure your Skin

Structure your Skin


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