What can I do when I can not sleep….

I know.. blog.

What to do when I can't sleep

read below for, more info!

I woke up, in a hot sweat.. not being able to fall back to sleep.
I have been so sick the last few days… almost a week now, and honestly I do not see it ending anytime soon.
I find myself going over the past week and wondering if I have done all I can..
My family, my work, hell even my SL.. the blog, my friends..
When your sick you get stressed and your body just wants to shut down but, your mind keeps on going, and going.

This week, going thru my emails, I saw a notice sent out to the American Bizarre bloggers about posting once per month..
Now, I have no problem posting once per month… I just do not own much from, American Bizarre…
And, also.. I thought that I HAD posted last month but, in going thru my posts, I found many many DRAFTS…
God, can wordpress get anymore annoying?
So, I checked them… and sure enough, the post that I wrote up about THIS outfit was there……..
I previewed and and… god, my avie changes.. so much…. I decided to scrap the post, log on, and redo it.

So.. here we are!

I wanted to share this sweater dress because, it can be used as one of those long sweaters, with leggings… or, as I wore it, as a dress.
I am also sharing these boots from, Sakide and the Logo’s Chloe Mesh Head.

Alittle something about the mesh head…
Now, they have updated this mesh many times in the past month or so, so if you do not have the update, go to the store and hit the redelivery terminal.. that should give you the current version.
I wanted to wear my IKON eyes with this avie.. unfortunately… IKON, does not as of yet have mesh eyes.. and it seems that if you want to wear your own eyes (this btw will disable usage of the eye expression), then you need to use mesh.. so, even though, I seriously felt like I was betraying, Ikon.. lol.. I used a pair of my favorite mesh eyes from, Mayfly..
I know it is weird to say it but, I have this odd feeling if IKON made mesh eyes, I would never ever, take them off…. even though for the most part, I never take off my textured ones.. lol.

What to do when I can't sleep

I decided to go with red hair for this post because, a friend of mine from flickr, whom I adore, said he liked when I wore RED hair..
Him and his, whom I ASSUME is his girlfriend are people that I admire on flickr, and from time to time, I just want to make them smile.. so, hopefully this worked!

Anyway, I am tired, and when I am tired, I drawl…as in..go on and on and on…..
So, I will post your all your info.. then go back to bed!

Thanks for reading my …. night time babble.

Good night!!


Skin/Head – LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar – Almond
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Twilight Sea)
Hair – [e] Interrupt – Essentials Collection


Dress – [AB] MESH Babi Sweater Black
Boots – [ SAKIDE ] Araneae Boots


Diesel Works – Miaa


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