LOOK OF THE DAY – November 30th 2012

Another awesome share!

LOOK OF THE DAY - November 30th 2012

read below for, more info!

I promise the rest of my photos here are non edited except for the frame and layouts.

First, I would like to update some info..
If you have me on your feeds and do not mind either PG or Non Pg (meaning nude, nothing hardcore), then please continue to use, SoHawtSL Main Feed however, if you wish to use only the PG then please use the catagory, SoHawtSL or for non PG please use SoHawtSL – Bad Girl.

This way, I can keep track of it all.
The first post in the Bad Girl file will of course be, THIS ONE.. so it will be nice and safe, just incase. haha.

So, on to my look for the day!

LOOK OF THE DAY - November 30th 2012

Glam Affair – Amberly is FINALLY out!!
Ever since, Aida Ewing first posted this yummy skin’s “coming soon” photo on her stream, I fully admit that I stalked her stream to see when it would be out!
And boy am I ever happy that I did so!
I saved for this skin however, at 999L each, this is one of the BEST VALUE SKINS on the SL grid!
I love the softness to the skin but the strong, luscious lips just make you want to kiss them!
I think this is one of the best I have from, Aida!
I think I have found a new “go to” skin.. you know that default us bloggers make for “after blogging”?
Yup, it is done, I have updated my go to outfit… skin.. lol..

As you all know, I am OBSESSED with Ikon Eyes.. so, of course, here I am wearing the most perfectly blue eyes in all of SL.. (so far lol)..
And, this hair, is perfect with this whole look.. it is from, [elikatira] and is mesh.. it is called, Interrupt and I always get the essentials packs!
You get your basic colors in it.. there are 8 colors, so that pretty much covers it all, except the pinks etc.. lol.

LOOK OF THE DAY - November 30th 2012

These boots you see here are new releases from, . chillie . and are called, AUSTIN -boots.. I know my outfit is black and white but, I just thought that the brown would offset things nicely.
And my pretty dress is actually available at, Acid Lily.. and is called, Emily Mesh Dress / by {MoYaz} ..

I am quite happy with this look.. and as I said above, unless otherwise stated these photos are non edited..
I use windlight setting, Places – Paris.
This is available on any Phoenix or Firestorm viewer.. and believe me, it is very nice 🙂

So, time for all your info.. I really hope that you take a looksie around, and have a safe and happy weekend!


Skin – Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 09
Hair – [e] Interrupt – Essentials Collection
Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Azure
Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)


Dress – {MoYaz} Emily Mesh Dress ~ RInged collection – WHite-black
Boots – . chillie . AUSTIN -boots // brown//

Poses – Pekka


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