Modish Anniversary Sale!

Yay! Skin Addictions of SL!!

__Modish__ Aniversary SKINS SALE! UP TO 70% OFF

read below for, more info!

Time for some fun!

I met this really interesting lady named, Ele Brandi today and, she let me know of her sale!

The skins are all very unique.. and honestly, at first I wondered how they would look on my personal shape because, mine is some what unique and some skins just do not look right on me.. however, that was not the case with, Tomoko!

This is a collage of the skin and lips I made.. I think it looks awesome. What do you think?

Events & Sale!

You get the “base” skin, and then you can purchase the lipsticks of your choice separate.
There are 4 lipsticks per set that price at 90L each, and there are 5 sets to choose from.. sets A, B, C & D and then there is an Emo pack.

The sale runs from today, November 15th until November 24th.
It works out to something like, older skins 150L then newer 200L and newest 400L…

There is a “Limited Release” skin for sale for, 350L and it comes in, 4 tones.
There is also a group gift near the teleport zone.
It costs 20L to join the group and the skin is a version of the limited release.

If you have never heard of them, or never tried them now is the perfect time to do so!

Here is your Limo to the Modish Mainstore.

Enjoy the sale!! xxx

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