The newest fad hitting the grid!

Ladies and Gents.. I would like you too meet,


read below for, more info!

LOGO’s Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh …

The reason I started this post with a smexy picture is because, I have seen people saying that with this new mesh head from, Logo there would be a million “clones” running about Second Life….
However, as you see above… no one looks like ME… at least not in that photo, LOL.

Now, I know I said “Mesh Head”.. however, it is not only the “Head” that you will receive in the package…

On first glance, you will receive various shapes however, do not be discouraged by those.. you can still use your own shape OR, change their shape to match the dimensions of YOUR body… the only thing that MAY need a small change is your forehead and eyes.. but, who cares!? While wearing this head, you will not SEE your original head anyway.. Make sure to back up your shape!!

Also in the package, you will receive many versions of the SKIN.. and I have taken a look at the skin without the head on, and it is a very nice, wearable skin!
So, say you get bored of your head… (as if!!!), and want to just where a “normal” skin.. well, now you have a new skin!!

The Chloe mesh comes with, the head… (derp), and a hud that is “all inclusive”.. meaning, it has the makeups, brows, eyes, lashes, and the expressions all in one!

Omg, the expressions are amazing..
You know those huds that you can get in Second Life that give your avie expressions for photos?
You can pick them up free pretty much everywhere.. heck, if you opt out of the Chloe avie.. OR, maybe your a MALE, then check out, MystiTool.. they have a free hud that pretty much has everything in it, toy, expressions etc… however, I found those tend to mess up your avatar.. but, you do not get that with this expressions hud. moving on..

There are 16!!!! Expressions.

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Chloe - Expressions

There are, I believe, 16 eye shadows, 16 lipsticks, and 16 sets of eyes!

Here are a few,

Chloe - Eyes

Also I took a photo of a couple makeup combos!

Chloe - a couple of the makeup combos

I have a soft spot for the Doe Eyed look, so as you can see, this expression works perfectly for me.

If you are like me, and MUST have tons and tons of makeup options… like, maybe you feel… sad, leaving your makeup layers behind? Don’t you worry, never fear, Logo has got a PLAN!
Available for purchase separate of the main package.. as an addon.. there are 3 other huds that you can buy!
Lipstick, Shadows and Blushes.

I personally, always have to have strange colors for my lips… so, I bought that.. and I love love love different shadows… more dramatic styles, so I bought that too LOL.

When I first purchased this avie.. I did notice a mild flaw, and from what I have been told, there were others noticing other things however, as soon as we contacted creator Maximillion Grant, he actually took time out of his schedule and in my personal case, came over to my home to have a look at what I was personally seeing.. and fixed it as soon as possible.
Within 24 hrs, there was a new updated version of Chloe sent out, and from what I have been hearing, alot of people , myself included, as very impressed with his professionalism.

Trust me, nowadays it is very hard to find someone in SL that would take the time from whatever they were doing to make sure a customer was satisfied.

Even if I didn’t love Chloe (which I do), I would still be incline to blog about, Maximillion’s customer service, and patience above anything else.

I happened to see, GoGo’s post on Chloe last night, and she mentions that she has been able to wear her Pink Fuel skin with her avatar’s head.. so, that may be something you will all be interested in… maybe you can find a skin of your own that will fit well with this mesh?

All in all, I would totally recommend this package to any of my readers.
Now, of course with anything new, you may look at the price and wonder if it is worth it.. it is…

Many options, great customer service, addons… lol it is totally worth the experience!

Thank you, Max for all your help!

Oh and for an “Outfit” photo..
This one is awesome..

My friend, keyf Swords sent me this really cute GizzA – Military Coat in, Olive…
I put it on and the rest of the outfit just came to my mind..
The fun part of mesh jacket’s is finding something to wear underneath it!
So, I thought of my Zaara : Isis Shirt, and once I had THAT on, I knew I would wear my, Maitreya Mesh Leggings .. the Shine ones.. of course in Black!
And I would the couture ones, so I would have the “shoes”…

Let me know what you think of my outfit choice!

Chloe - Outfit part

I dressed it up with my, *League* Wanderer Necklace

So there you have it!!

Logo, Gizza, Zaara, Maitreya and last but not least, League…

I hope you enjoyed my post!


Head/Skin – LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Shape – {Anatomy} – Laurie
Hair – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Lana” Blondes


Top – Zaara : Isis Shirt *pitch*
Jacket – GizzA – Military Coat – Mesh [Olive]
Pants – Maitreya Mesh Leggings – Shine Pack1 * S


Necklace – *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set

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