Gifts Always Make me SMILE!

And Ethan74 Rumpler, makes me smile at LEAST, once a month!!

Gifts Always Make me SMILE!

read below for, more info!

His group gift at, Mojo is always so pretty!

As you know, groups in Second Life are a great way to get first hand knowledge of new releases, promos and yes group gifts!
What an incentive to join, right?
And, unlike many designers in Second Life, Ethan’s group is FREE to join..
Which makes it perfect for so many reasons one of which, this makes it perfect for new players that need help, finding that “perfect look” that expresses how they see themselves in Second Life and a free to join vip group, that offers gifts, once or twice a month is perfect.
This was, there is an incentive to stay IN the group, and encourages the customer to purchase new releases in the future or, to pass along the info to OTHER customers!
The skin you see here is, MOJO – Silvia Skin. November’s group gift!
Very pretty..
I often get asked where to find the best, African American skin.. and honestly.. I use to be stumped however, I personally think that, Mojo is the best place to find what you are looking for.. since they have a broad range of characteristically beautiful skins.

Gifts Always Make me SMILE!

As you can see, these photos are enhanced.. however, I did not do MAJOR editing, so what you see is what you get.

The hair I am wearing is a new release from Truth Hawks called, Marley that I blogged previously but, I thought it was perfect for this post, and yes folks, I am experimenting with REDS.. Red and Blond is likely what you will see mostly on me!

The outfit is by, Tash Porthos owner of, [dirty.little.secret] and is a part of the next round of Acid Lily (11.12.2012).

I hope that you have enjoyed this post..
I am getting a move on to post one that I have been waiting to post all weekend lol…

Here are all your LMs and info!


Skin – MOJO – Silvia Skin – Group Gift
Hair – >TRUTH< Marley – reds
Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Forest
Shape – {Anatomy} – Laurie


Outfit – [d.l.s.] :: Acid Lily Exclusive :: the minimalist shrug ::
Shoes – N-core TRIUMPH

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