Time for alil horror… IN COLOR!

Normally, I try to show things, “as is” or with as little edit as possible… but….

Playing with photos

read below for, more info!

You have to admit.. this looks AWESOME!!!!!

Purple Moon has released some AWESOME looking dresses for Halloween…
The one above is called, Sacrifice.
Perfect name.. with all those skulls, and the candles, all apart of the dress, btw!!
This just looks, perfectly EVIL!

There is also this amazing dress called, La Mort Douce and, this photo also is edited but, come on!!
I need to have fun with my posts SOMETIMES…… right?

More Fun

Just to be fair however…
I will share something ELSE with you…
No edit.. just a layout but, no edit to the photos themselves.

Scary Face Gacha Fair - 1

These little adorable things are from, *Epic* and you can find these at the, “Scary Face Gacha” event..
This event runs from the 15th of October til the end of the month!
As you can see there are 10 of these cute lil monster condoms!!!

And… lol because I am so special.. another edit for you, sharing MORE items that are available at this event!

More fun with colors

In this photo there is… well, a dress from, [ SAKIDE ], an Axe Mouthie from *Epic*, a collar from Adoness , and a ring from :::LP::: !
All from the Gacha event!!

And btw, if you are wondering about this really cute hair, it is from Magika and is called, Tomorrow!
It is a new release, and really nice!
Try it out!

I know.. this post was all over the place.. but, at least I had a theme!!
I will post all your LMs below!!



Skin – Lara Hurley-Aimee brown lips pale
Hair – Magika [Hair S] Tomorrow
Eyes – Ibanez Eyes – Tranquil – platinum
Hands – Slink Mesh Hand Casual


Photo 1 – :: PM :: Sacrifice in Black – Halloween Special
Photo 2 – :: PM :: La Mort Douce – Halloween Special
Photo 4 – [ SAKIDE ] Skull&Bones Dress


Mouthie – *Epic* Ohmai Kawaii Monster Condom!
*Epic* Kawaii Bloody Murder Mouthie
Ring – :::LP::: Mustache Ring -Sterling Silver [BOXED]


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