Let’s talk about sale, BABY!

Let’s talk about robbin your wallet, and making you poor… but, being happy about it~! :p~

Let's Talk about sales, BABY!

So Much More Below!

There are alot of sales happening this week.. some may have been going on a while but, I am just finding out about alot of them .. well, now..

I will be using, Seraphim & Barbie Does SL as references..
I WORK for Seraphim and it’s a great resource, and Lysie is just super awesome, so you should follow her blog as well!

First let’s work on what I am wearing, then I will list all the things going on this weekend..

Let's Talk about sales, BABY!

So, this weekend is the Rummage Sale happening over at the Atomic sim!
You may or may not have heard about it but, all the stores on the sim are included!
Now I am going to try to remember who is all there but, my memory may be lacking..
Atomic, Grixdale/Aura, Riddle, Paper.Doll, Ploom and, Pink Fuel… I have this feeling that I am missing one but, that is OK… you can find out when you go!
And trust me.. you WANT to go to this event.

My outfit above…. is from, Riddle.. now, many of you know me, and my 2012 personal preference when it comes to clothing..
It is funny because, quoting designer Siyu Suen of Illusions, “once you go mesh, it is hard to go back..”… and boy was she CORRECT…
However, this outfit.. is so perfect… barely any editing needed…
I had to make it a lil wider to fit my big ass.
And it is very natural looking.. I could totally see myself wearing something like this in RL.

I wanted to incorporate many items from across the grid at different sales, and new releases, and item’s that I received as a gift/review item so, I paired this outfit with, sale item’s I got from, En Yo…
En Yo is having a 50% off sale.. and I do not know how long it is going to last..
This is a store I tend to go to for accessories..
I know they have clothing, and tattoos.. some shapes but, when you walk into this store… accessories is the immediate “feel”… the ambiance if you will.
Something i love most there are the cute nails!
They always have a cute “dawwww” look to them.
You can see them in the photos above!
These having strawberries on them and are so… yummy…
And they fit perfectly…
Also.. my glasses are from, En Yo as well.. also on sale!

Let's Talk about sales, BABY!

This nice, soft skin is from, Candydoll…
I have been blogging about Candydoll skins as long as I can remember..
It is amazing to see a designer around as long as, Rebeca Dembo has!
This skin here.. is soo.. PRETTY!
I love it! I truly do!
It is called, Lorena and is available at the Zodiac Event..
I would say this skin is perfect for ALL ages..
The details on the face are nice, and soft and innocent..
And with the right makeup, you could really spice it up!
Totally perfect… lol.

Let's Talk about sales, BABY!

I must mention that normally I use to not wear earrings.. which sucked in a way because, over the years I have found some really nice pairs but, with my commitment to being an “Elf” in second life, I had to let go of many of my favorite earrings because, I did not want to let go of my personal SL persona…
However, a while back, Linden Labs created the bridge that allowed for extra attachments.. now, I do not know all the details but, with the “add” feature… my whole sl changed, and allowed me to add earring to my posts!
THESE are currently #1 on my list of favotires!!
They were at fameshed (or was it collab88) a while back and they are so pretty..
They are from, Ivy Graves over at Atomic.. and with the closing, and merging… I am worried that they will not be available…. I really do hope so though because these are beautiful!!
They are mesh, and look so real…
I will NEVER get rid of these earrings.. and I will also blog them many many many times over again.

So, my hair.. I am sure you are wondering…
These awesome hairs are by, Truth Hawks..
I think they are perfect for this season..
The weather is changing, and we get up in the morning, and dress to fit the weather.. and these styles are pretty much what I would do if I was out and about… however, if you know MY rl hair… it would take a bit more coasting, to get it to LOOK like this but, it would be worth it!!
This photo next is my DREAM hair.. the one that I wish I could just wake up one day… and HAVE IT…

Lets talk about SALES baby5
However, in rl this is unlikely… so that is what we have sl and designers like, Truth for!

I think I have covered everything about my outfit… if I have missed something, feel free to leave a comment and ask.. lol.. I will answer within 24hrs.

Now on to the sales on the grid…
This will just be a list of “must sees”… so, please bare with me if I have missed something.. these are just the ones I have found (researched or seen online) and I wanted to reach ppl that may not know about them yet!


MONSO – Selected Items marked down. (end date not announced)

N-Core – Selected Colors, half price. (295L)(Sales ends October 5, 2012)

elikatira – LAST CHANCE PPL!!!! Ends October 1st!!!! 70% off sale!

North West! – North West is having a 50L closing sale till the 30th of September.

Happyface – Restylying sale! (no end date provided so hurry!)

MIAMAI – from September 20 – October 1 is having, 30, 50 or even up to 80% off of select items.

STEP INSIDE – moving sale!
The sale run from September 20 til October 15. Everything STORE WIDE is on sale 50% off the original price.

And of course we can not forget!!

Knitting Circle Rummage Sale!

I think this covers everything…
Plus I will link all my items OF COURSE.. with all your urls.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and you will likely see me again this weekend.. I am just going to take a look at the shopping out there and then take a break!


Hair – Truth, Uma & Demi
Skin – _CandyDoll_ Lorena For Zodiac Event
Eyes – IKON Kaleido Eyes – Sky
Lashes – MG – Eyelashes – Groomed – Medium – BLACK
Ears – {Lemon Tea} Elven Ear – Plain
Tattoo – :Hebenon Vial: Death of Baroque [Full Body Tattoo]
Teeth – [ PXL ] OpenMouth PRO v1.2 [ Wear ME ]


Outfit – ** [ Riddle ] ** Winter Blues Coat + Dress – Pink & White
Shoes – N-core LULU “Pink” BOXED


Glasses – [EY:NO] Flamingo Glasses Pink
Nails – [EY:NO] Delicious Nails (2 Sizes)
Earrings – [Atomic] Endearing Earings *MESH* – Silver

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