I haz Insomnia

Yes, I know what I wrote… but, I choose to be silly. lol.

LOTD - 1

So Much More Below!

Today, for now.. I may do another blog later but, for now here is my “look of the day”…

I was checking in my inventory for things that I have that are new, and that I have either not taken a photo of OR, am suppose to blog and therefore have not done photos of… see how this works? I should just blog everything I take photos of since.. well that is what seems to happen anyway, lol.

The above photo is another look at my, Pink Fuel skin by, Mochi Milena called Kumi…
This is the Latte tone and if you remember a couple posts ago I was kinda twisted if I liked it.. kinda a buyers remorse but… now that I have had it on a few days.. I actually DO like it.. it grew on me.. LOL..
However, on further assessment, I find that I really do like this skin… it works perfect with my shape with it actually an EDITED shape from, Pekka that was actually made for this skin!

Now when I say edited… let’s see… I increased the eyes.. the body fat.. changed the breast uh.. format.. so, the mouth, and the cheeks, jaw and.. oops I also edited the head.. but, oh man, i just started to laugh in rl… Ok.. well let’s leave it at the shape WAS made for this skin…. I just have a preference on how my eyes and FAT looks.. and well I had to play with my breasts to make them fit better…. omg.. see? this is what happens with no sleep.. so after the next photo.. I am going to bed!

OH! one thing… I LOVE THESE EYES!
Ikon came out with Kaleidoscope colors… and these come pretty close to mine and Vanda’s eyes (my rl daughters nic name that ONLY i call her)..

(psst.. i know i am long winded.. but, your gonna want to read to the end.. there is a HUGE sale.. you will want to know about it!)

Ok.. on to the outfit.. then my BED!

LOTD - 2

Trust me here, the outfit looks just like this.. I just added color to my surroundings.. I love color/light leaks in photos.. and if I can get a rainbow then.. SCORE!

My jacket and tank top are new releases at Fri.days.. mesh jacket and clothing layer tank tops!
There are many colors available! OF COURSE! lol.

My jeans are from, Tyr Rozenblum and your can find these at Fameshed!
Oh and so is my darling little bag!
You all know me, I rarely use accessories but, I am working on that.. lol.. this bag can be found at Collab88 this month!

You can find my awesome sunglasses at, L’accesories and they are from, “GOTZSCHE Wear”… I saw them and I am always looking for a nice pair of sunglasses and well they fit well and… I have a shopping addiction and should be shot…

My shoessss…. I love shoes…. these can be found at, Beauty Queen..
Beauty Queen is a bi-weekly event that started the 15th and will end on the 29th. And from what I could see, nothing was over 100L..
Even Aanna was there… lol… i love shapes and shoessss.. lol god i’m bad!
OH and the shoes are from, Chloe!

Now this is a huge thing..
I didn’t mention this above because I wanted you to read the whole blog…

Elikatira is having their annual store wide sale, all items are discounted 70%!
The sale is on NOW until the 1st of October!
Everything is included in this sale, even the new releases!!!
So make sure to go by.. and try demos, and BUY BUY BUY BUYYYYYYYYY!

I would… I got a few… but, lol… the issue with a shopping addiction is… lol.. well I am sure you can guess this one..
Now get your booties over there and GRAB SOME HAIR!
Good luck getting in.. this has always been a HUGEEEE event!


skin – [PF] Kumi – Winged/Smokey Wing

hair – [e] Spark – Essentials Collection

eyes – IKON Kaleido Eyes – Sky

shape – .Pekka. Bian Shape (PF – Kumi)


jacket – fri. – Kristen.Jacket (Rose)

tank – fri. – Cliquester.Tank (Geek)

pants – Auxiliary – Skinny Jeans – Ink (fameshed)

shoes – [Chloe] Pumps Juliana – BQ


glasses – GOTZSCHE Wear. Sport Glasses – Schatten

bag – [AUX] Tiny Tote – Doll


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