Hunts, Events, FREE STUFF?!?!

So many events happening in sl lately.. Let me see if I can show a few… again LOL!

Events Blog - coming soon

So Much More Below!

First off, I would like to ask…
Have you ever seen an outfit on Market Place, and thought.. omg, I need that.. top, pants, shoes, SOMETHING, from that outfit… so, you go to the store to see if the top if available to purchase alone only to find, no it is not… so you just buy the whole outfit because you NEED that item??
Well… that is what I did with this top from, Dumb Blonde by, Evony Silverblade..
The whole outfit is nice, don’t get me wrong, if you want to see it, click here.

My pants in this photo are part of, The Autumn Effect hunt, happening NOW…
These are by, Seven Rage of LogiQue and these are #71.. good luck!!

My hair is awesome, as you likely know already, Kavar Cleanslate recently released these gorgeous styles..
One is in the style of Betty Page.. RAWR..

The names are, Release Me, Heartbeats and Turn the Page… (funny.. this is how I named my daughter in rl.. Paige.. as in.. turn the page…)

Events Blog - coming soon

Oh you see my super cute ears right??
I still love these.. they are from, Tyr Rozenblum and are her addition to the gatcha event happening RIGHT NOW…

Gatcha’s are so much fun..

I am a gatcha HO… yup.. I said it.. if that title is to be applied to me for any sense then it would have to be GATCHA..
I see one happening.. and… I just HAVE to take a turn…

In this photo ALONE.. there are… ummm well.. the photos on the wall.. Mudhoney gatcha..(x2 lol)
My ears.. [Auxiliary] gatcha…
My lil skunk on my arm… d-lab Gatcha!!!
My clutch, BOOM gatcha..
My bracelet, ASO! gatcha… lol are we seeing a trend?

Yeah.. I have a weeeee gatcha problem..

Another awesome thing for folks out there, new and old….


Events Blog - coming soon

Al vulo and Lara Hurley have these two awesome skins free as group gifts.
Their groups are free to join so there is no reason not to stop by, get your gift, and look around at all the amazing skins..
I love these… personally..
Lara Hurley has been one of my top favs, and Al vulo has a unique feel to some of their skins.

I will be honest, and I will likely pull alot of enemies from this comment but, this IS my blog and I always said I would be honest…
Now, Al Vulo.. sometimes, have a repetitive feel to their skins..
However, every so often, I find one of their skins sooo pretty..
Just an aspect of it.. lips, eyes.. something will grab my attn and I will blog it.. and that is the case here..
I saw this skin on my friend, Babydoll Tracy’s stream and I had to go take a look..
I am one of those ppl that will not just get a skin because it is free.. that would defeat the purpose of a good review.. but this skin, it’s overall appearance is very nice.
I love the doe eyes effect of the makeup, and I love that you can add makeup layers to it to give it an even more dramatic effect without loosing the actual skin.
I hope that I was not too harsh here.. but this was my opinion.

Also shown in these photos… my piercings..
:Hebenon Vial:’s owner, Trisha Zweig made a huge return to the SL designing world a few weeks ago.. which, I will admit I was surprised because, I remember the closing of the store.
I was depressed at the time because, Hebenon was one of my absolute favorite piercing stores..
Right up there with House of Darcy.. maybe even past..
So when it had it’s closing sale I jumped on it, and bought everything that I ever wanted.. and more, just to support this awesome designer…
So, I was.. alittle shocked to see them come back..
Not that I am put off or anything like that… just.. I now own everything, lol…
however, if you do not, or you have never heard of them, I still stand by my first assessment of the store, and the designer, and I would recommend it to all my friends, family, and you, my readers.

Trisha Zweig is a unique designer.. and you would be missing out if you did not check out the store. 🙂

Ok, I think that covers it all but, if I have missed something please, feel free to leave a comment or contact me inworld and I will try to help as best as I can.

xox M


Skin – [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Julia ] – [ -intense night ] group gift

Hair – Exile

Shape (EDITED) – .Pekka. Bian Shape (PF – Kumi)

Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Gaelic Silver (L)

Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)

Lashes – Exile:Lashes-Tokyo

Tail – Devil Tail


Top – [DUMB BLOND] DREAMER OUTFIT (shirt worn only)

Pants – TAE #71 LogiQue

Shoes – ::Duh!:: White Sneaker – Women’s


Piercing – :Hebenon Vial: Liquid Silver

Clutch – *BOOM* Carnival Bow Clutch (for The Arcade Gacha Event)

Mini Ears – [Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) – White3


(I have posestands I use with multiple poses from each designer, this one is my Adorkable poses stand.. however, I do not know WHAT pose it is… as I just click thru them.. but, you can find her items in the link to her store).


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