Strike a pose, it’s all about the angles!

And god knows that, Linden Labs gave us enough of them~!

Hunts - photo 2

So Much More Below!


Yes, I am fully aware that 3:33pm in the afternoon is not actually “morning” for… well anyone.. but with my sleep patterns off, this is MY morning.

Lately I have been drooling over peoples photo streams on, Flickr and ONE of my many favorites has always been, Strawberry Singh!!

Her photos are so clean, and crisp.. even with edit they look so, glorious!

So,I set out with this set trying to be as clean as possible, only clearing up some freaky lines that happen pretty much when MOST people enable shadows in Second Life.

Hunts - photo 1

I wanted to use a designer that I have not used much in the past on SoHawtSL…
And today that is the designing combo Manuel Ormidale (a long time contact on both flickr and plurk) and my newest plurk friend, Paco Pooley owners of 22769..

This is a men’s AND women’s fashion store within the Virtual World, Second Life.
A mixture of clothing, accessories, makeup and poses.. possibly more.. no wait.. YESH!
There is more.. gotta come by to see it though!

The photo above is compiled of item’s from “The Autumn Effect” hunt that begins in TWO DAYS!!!
That is correct, one of the HUGEST event’s this year and it is coming to us in full “effect” in two days. (Sept 15th – Oct 15)..

This awesome, Autumn colored mesh top is from, 22769!
So this items will be FREE.. which is amazing now only for us, “vets” but for you newer players out there as well!

I wanted to show something else from, 22769…
These awesome jeans!
These drip with “that 70’s show” feeling and I LOVE THAT!
They are available at, Fameshed.. and believe it of not, are not very expensive!

Honestly, I think this is one the the biggest addictions of this store… the fact that they make HIGH end quality items, for more then half the price of their competitors!
It could also be the 5 gifts they have on their wall for their group members….. meh, I think it is BOTH! lol!
(side note.. it is free to join their group, so there is no excuse!)

Also from this hunt, I have included this really cute bag!
It is from .:* LOULOU&CO *:. ‘s designer, Lolly Carlberg !
A perfect over the shoulder bag! Perfect color, and perfect sitting.
This bag can either be attacked to the chest or spine and is resizable.. so, I do not think it is mesh!

This ensemble works AMAZING with my new shape!
THANK YOU, Hybie Mynx of Savoir Faire Shapes!
This really cute shape is actually over 6′ tall.. normally, I do not wear shapes this tall and a GREAT feature on her shapes is that… they are modifiable!
However, I didn’t want to do that before I posted my blog because, I wanted you all to see it without modification first!
This shape is called, Ohna!

My clothing sizes for this post were, Medium top and Small pants..

I love shapes with a bit of a BOOTIE!

Hunts - photo 3

Also, shown here from, The Autumn Effect hunt, are these sunglasses from, Trishie Luckless of Luckie.
These are resizable!

And last item from the hunt but, certainly not least (and sure as heck not THE last) is this omg, amazing unisex necklace from, SaMe Jewelry’s creator Sarrei Merlin!
This necklace reminds me of people rushing to get read for a meeting, and just grabbing up as many things as possible and “making it work”.
I just love the style of it..

Also used in my post, hair from, Helyanwe Vindaloo owner of Ploom!
This hair is actually a remake (I believe) of an older style from her, Deviant Kittie store called, .DK. Neopunk!
This was one of my most favorite hairs from the longest time!

I have seen Helyanwe go through so much in second life, and she stayed!
If you have been around as long as I have then you likely know what I am talking about..

I commend any designers that can stand up to copiers out there that would rather steal from others, then make their own stuff.

Helyanwe is great!
She is one of those designers that is well known for her brand.
For her mark in the virtual world.
And there are many others out there as well.

Truth, Helyanwe, Tyr, Kavar, Sabina, Thora and Elika just to mention a FEW.. so VERY few that I have seen go through this and keep strong and keep kicking… and that is commendable in and of it’s self.

I hope and pray that other designers that have faced similar issues, will stay and fight and not leave… like some have done.

For those of you who are wondering!

All the poses in this post were made by, Melina Fetuccio of Fly Lily Poses!
Perfect for those angled shots, and uniqueness~!

Last minute offerings here…

My skin, Pink Fuel’s Kumi…
My awesome feet, Slink’s mesh flat feet…
My teeth… [ pxl ], thank you to, Allegory Malaprop for explaining how to use them properly with my shadows!..

Ok, I think I have covered everything… however, if I have mixed things then please feel free to leave a comment, and I will add it to my post laters :))!


Skin – [PF] Kumi – Winged/Smokey Wing
Lips – [PF] Kumi – Matte Lips – Spice
Hair – .DK. Neopunk – Blondes
Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Gaelic Silver
Teeth – [ PXL ] OpenMouth PRO v1.2 [ Wear ME ]
Ears – BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)
Feet – Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)


Top – 22769 ~ [femme] slipon autumn ombre (T.A.E)
Pants – 22769 ~[femme] Rachel Denims style: patchwork (fameshed)


Bracelet – *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black
Necklace – SaMe Jewelry – Necklace Black-Pearl male/female(T.A.E)
Bag – .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bag ::TWEEDY ::
Glasses – *Luckie* Glasses for her (T.A.E)


Fly Lily ! Poses



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