Bring on the Shadows!

I am going to test my processor thru out this post!

Hiding in Darkness

So Much More Below!

I really wanted to see if A – I could take photos on the new firestorm with shadows, and NOT have those HUGE nasty lines..
And B – If the little lines would be too hard to get rid of, and these photos are what I came up with… let me know what you think!

Pink Fuel and T.A.E hunt blog coming soon

Pink Fuel and T.A.E hunt blog coming soon

I made this “look” up using items from the next hunt, The Autumn Effect!
Hunt Dates: Sept 15 – Oct 15
Starting Point: Depraved Nation
The Autumn Effect is a Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt that starts at Razorblade Jacket Mainstore and will take hunters to many amazing designers across the grid offering a wide variety of gifts for L$0.
This is for female AND MALE! For all those other there that say there is not enough male items, this hunt is also for you!

The weather is finally starting to cool down..
You can sleep with the windows open, and be comfy under a snuggly or a soft blanket…
The smells of the trees, and the plants changing, and ripening, and the added bonus of seeing the leaves change from one beautiful color to the next….
Autumn even makes the color YELLOW look amazing.. and if you know me at all or follow my blog, you know yellow.. not so much my favorite color.

The hunt items in these photos above are, AMAZING!

The outfit is from, S U G A R, and it’s complete mesh, and I LOVE IT!
It works great with my sneakers from, 2real!
I have had these foreverrr, and really don’t wear them much but, that is going to change!

Also from the hunt is this really cute backpack from, *Epic*.
I love acorns, which I am sure you got that from my above statements!

Another great thing in the photos would be my yummy, delicious, Pink Fuel skin, Kumi..
Now Mochi has been on hiatus from so long, we have all missed her dearly and I was out of the loop when she came back!
I didn’t even see a status update, or a mail or anything so I totally missed the release of Kumi..

I headed over to the store, and sat there for an hour!!!!!! trying to figure out what tone of this skin to get…
I am still on the edge thinking that I may have gotten the wrong tone… because, I am more into the PALE tones… peach was the one I was thinking of getting but… I ended up getting Latte..

Pink Fuel and T.A.E hunt blog coming soon

I love Pink Fuel skins!
And I know many many mannnnny others do as well, so if you have not tried them yet, dooooo iiiiiit.

I need to take a break for a bit but, I will come back and share more of The Autumn Effect items that will be included in the hunt!

I am so jazzed that my PC didn’t CRASH and BURN while making these photos!!!



Skin – [PF] Kumi – Winged/Smokey Wing
Hair – Magika [Hair S] Secretive
Eyes – IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Gaelic Silver (ML)
Shape – .Pekka. Sharith Shape (EXTREMELY EDITED / body overall not touched)


Outfit – : S u g a r : [FEMALE] Darth’s Cute [Blue]
Shoes – 2Real – PURE


Backpack – *Epic* -{#02 – The Autumn Effect Hunt}


Diesel Works – Polywall v.2012



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