Random thinking….

I had this random thought… and then.. when I went to put it on “paper”… it just… poofed as fast as it appeared…

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I decided to show a few things that I bought, or received today since, I HAVE been falling behind..
I know, I am almost at 400 posts so, really you would not think of that as falling behind but, lol… you would be surprised.

This post centers on designers like…
Kavar Cleanslate – Exile
May Tolsen – Tentacio
Helyanwe Vindaloo – Ploom
Claire Messenger – N-Core
Echo Davi – Magpie

I have been blogging for May for over a year now, and I know she is one that I have been lacking alot of lately… so, of course she is included in this post!
Her dress, Rawr is available at the Mesh Atelier...

These shoes, are killer right?
Claire just released this awesome, Triumph shoes, and they are amazing.. as always.. they are open toed and super high!
Nothing says lovin like a nice pair of Stilettos!

The pose seat that I am using above is from, Echo and is called, “The Block”.. it has, 5 poses to choose from, and you can adjust all the positions.. and this option comes in handy for tiny avies like myself!

Random Blog Coming soon

As many of you know, Kavar is part of an awesome event called, Fameshed..
Now I do not personally know much about this event so, please bare with me if I get something wrong..
As far as I know this is an event that includes several designers from across the grid..
They showcase MESH items…
So, make sure to have a v3 or other viewer so you can full appreciate the quality of the work offered!
Kavar has released 3 new styles, this momnths Fameshed item is called, “Ready to go” and is so pretty… it makes me think of those women with hair so long that they just flip their hair over, shake it, and flip it back…
Also, as I mentioned there are two others as well!
“Set Free” and “Little Things”… another two amazing releases!

Helyanwe has created this adorable skin for the, Zodiac event!
Virgo is a soft, clear skin, with bright blue shadow!
There was a time in SL where I always bought blue shadow skins..
Then with the introduction of “make up layers” it made buying skins with shadows almost obsolete… however, I love events like, Zodiac because, it reminds us that there IS a reason to buy skins with pre made make ups!
Like to add that little bit of dramatic flare with the ADDITION of your favorite make up layers…
The skin above however, is “as seen” in the store!
I did not add to it at all, and I didn’t even edit the photo.. so, I hope that you enjoy it!

Ok, so that is the end of THIS post… I am sure I will be doing more but, lol.. I need alittle ME time..

Enjoy your Saturday!


Skin – .ploom. Lea_Honey – Virgo (zodiac)
Hair – Exile (main store) (fameshed)
Eyes – “tSg” Awake Aquamarine
Teeth – [M] Prim Teeth v2 – Vampire


Dress – *Tentacio* Rawr dress 60L mesh atelier
Shoes – N-core TRIUMPH


Magpie The Block



2 thoughts on “Random thinking….

  1. That dress is just so hot on you Morgana! Hugs your curves perfectly, and dips down to show off the maximum of cleavage! And of course, ends right at the point where you wonder what beauty lies under…perfection.

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