3 days later….

I can finally see the light!!


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The above photo is one that I made and dedicated to all my friends, while clearing out my inventory today… actually, I have been working on it for a few days now… and hopefully, I have it sorted.. at least a small bit.

I have decided to take a small break and blog this really cute outfit from, Alterego and this lovely Prop Set from, W.Winx (which was sent to me from my brother for a get well gift.. so, THANK YOU JAYSON!).

As you can see this set is a kind of, “Artist Box” with all the props, that a designer, or artist may have in their lofts.

My Inventory is killing me....

There are built in poses.. so, always try to sit on everything.. since that is what I did.. lol..

My Inventory is killing me....

My outfit, is a new release by, Toxxic Rhiannyr of AlterEgo and is called, Redemption.

My hair is from, a long time friend of mine, Calico Ingmann owner of, Calico Ingmann Creations!
It was funny.. I was going through folders that I didn’t clean up… like, hunts, and fairs, and all that.
I stumbled on this hair in my “hair fair” folder.
And I love it… it is called, Kennedi.

My skin is from, Lara Hurley… and called, Jade.

I put all of these together with a beautiful Lily from, LaGyo and a long stem rose from, Illusions.

My Inventory is killing me....

Ok, my break is over.. I will share all the links, and info for where to find all this awesome stuff, and I am going back to my inventory cleanse!


Skin: Lara Hurley-Jade
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Soft Majorelle)
Shape: (personal not for sale)
Hair: !!CiC!! Kennedi
Teeth: [ PXL ] OpenMouth addon [ Wear ME ]
Lashes: :OW: “ELiTE” MAX Mesh Lashes V1.2
Feet: [PM] Pixel Mode: Bare Feet – pour Femme


Outfit: :: alterego :: redemption


Necklace: LaGyo_Alice necklace
Rose: *~*Long Stem Rose: Copy
Lily: LaGyo_Lily hair pin for FLF


WinxBox – ‘The Artist Studio”


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