80’s Child meets, Flower Child?

Just a couple looks of the day for you!

I am the walking dead this morning.. so, I am going to share with your a couple outfits that I put together, and seriously.. it looks like I somehow by fluke made them into 80’s vs Flower LOL!

wash out! - blogging soon

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With this one I did a heavy wash out look..
I was wearing all white, and posing in a pink background.. so I added the blond hair, with pink stripes!
This style is by, MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills.

My top it awesome.. lol.. I got thru the whole day before I noticed… there is actually a nude lady on the front… in the right lighting, you do not notice it, lol… but, it is really cute, and has that flash dance feel to it!
And who made it? MY BROTHER!
Kayden Coy made this top for the Fashion Voodoo! You can find it at Caution!

My skin is ALSO at the Fashion Voodoo at, Cstar Skins!
made this Marilyn skin perfect for the event!
And it just worked perfect with this look!

My pants are from, Medley and I have had them since they came out.. another pair of “throw them on” jeans that survived the deletion swipe in my inventory this week!

The shoes…. omg, the shoes.. they are just amazing..
These are by, N-Core… they are to die for!
You should hurry there and try a demo.. that is really all I can say about them!! LOL..

Next up!

blog soon

Next up.. I saw this and instantly had to have it… all..
The hair is by, Kavar Cleanslate of Exile.. and as always he has a great new release!

The dress is by Jaysee Netizen of, Sugar & Cyanide who btw, is new too ME.. but, is included in this round of XYroom and common!!
It is a perfectly sweet and awesome dress… actually because, of this dress.. I ended up visiting her store, which I will not deny, I will likely blog about her store again!

The piercing is available at the Fashion Voodoo event and was made by, Ary Mcauley of Ivy. .
I love all her piercings, so really, did you think I would forget about her? LOL NeVerrrrr!

The “set” behind me is actually from Baffle and is available at the Vintage fair by, Samantha Smadga who is an awesome pose designer, and “set” designer..

Speaking of the Vintage Fair...
This skin is by Lara Hurley.. and honestly I think I would buy ALL skins she releases at events and such.. I love her skins so much, they are another of my “go to skins”..

Ok, I did it again.. I meant to have a nice.. short post.. but, NOPE>.. so, I am going to go lay down, and you make sure to check around at these awesome designers stuff!

Talk to you all later and please take a look at the tab at the top, about SoHawt’s 2nd birthday coming up!





Skin: cStar Limited – Marilyn – Warm Beige
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Alice Mesh Hair – Vanilla pudding
Teeth: [M] Prim Teeth v2 – Regular Braces
Eyes: .:BND:. Colorfull Eyes Set


Top: [C] House Wife Female Off Shoulder Shirt MESH
Pants: (Medley)Super Skinnies-White
Shoes: N-core ZEN


Ring: .HW. HeXed -Ring-



Skin: Lara Hurley-Claudia natural pale (vintage fair)
Hair: ::Exile::Into Dust:Stefani


Outfit: **S&C** Freedom – XY Edition


Piercing: ivy. – Piercing Lily with HUD (fashion voodoo)


Baffle! [The Secret Garden.] (vintage fair)


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