More hair at the, Hair Fair!

I hope you are enjoying the Hair Fair this year…
I know I personally loved it..
This post is dedicated to the designers that I personally blog/review!
Thank you all so much for including me in your teams!
Special thank you too, Kavar Cleanslate, Shylah Honey & her awesome partner, TOmmy Fairplay, Nita Bracken and, my friend Elke Banting. 🙂

Hair Fair Blog - Part 2

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Kavar Cleanslate of Exile, brings us four new mesh hair styles for this years fair!
Going left to right we have, WideAwke with, texture changing butterfly attachment.
SeaOfLove with, optional shell hair band.
Crush with a very sweet, texture changing hair band.
And last but, not least, SilentWings with texturing changing optional feathers.

Hair Fair Blog - Part 2

The lovely, Nita Bracken of Tameless created these adorable hairs and going, left to right we have, Soho a very wild and insane hair.. just like me, and this is a prim hair! I know alot of ladies that will be happy about that!
Next we have Victoria, something classic to wear with maybe a gown, or just lounging around!
Bethany, a very cute Bob cut! And well HELLO there PeggySue! Haha I like this design, very retro! and lastly, Ramona. Another classic style. (all these styles are prim, not mesh)

Hair Fair Blog - Part 2

Here we have Hairoin by, Elke Banting.
Elke is a personal friend, and a talented unique designer.
As you can see here, her styles are very original.
For the last two photos, I took a front and back photo so that you could see these awesome styles all the way around.
Left to right, Alkaline a very cute punk or playful hairstyle!
Gracie, one of my personal favorites because, of it’s mix of classic and retroness! Heather, perfect for the kid in you, or for the kids of second life! And now we really get into the fun side! These hairs are perfect for your inner darkness or your RP side! First is, Alien with this awesome jaw like crown.. another of my personal Favs.. and then, Cronos.. another great hair for rp’ers. (all are prim, not mesh)

Hair Fair Blog - Part 2

Shylah Honey & her partner, TOmmy Fairplay are the owners/designers of Damselfly Hair.
These are their awesome additions for the 2012 Hair fair!
First we have, Bella a long, pretty casual mesh hairstyle.
Blair an awesome, PRIM hair style.. it reminds me of me in the mornings, lol.. I just flip my hair (don’t laugh) back and forth (lol) and then go! Who needs a brush! This one is AWESOME! Next is, Tinsley another, PRIM hair, very clasic, and casual at the same time.
And, last but, not least we have, Jalyn. This is an mesh/prim attachment you wear with a hair base. It’s very cute.

So, this concludes THIS portion of my Hair Fair blogging but, never fear, there is so much more to come!
I will likely include the rest as parts of my normal posts but, I wanted to get these up asap.

This event, and the designers mean a lot to me, and I just wanted them too know this.

Oh and just in case you were wondering……..

Items worn through out the last few posts…



Skin: Glam Affair – Roza Summer (the dressing room)
Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -39- Luscious
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Petite Eyes (Monet Dusk)
(One voice event)
Shape: ::[annaA]:: Body Shape ” Franziska ” [BOX]
Ears: BB* Basic Pointy Ears FATPACK (set of 9)


Swimsuit: Baiastice_Shechy Mesh Bikini-ruby (the best mesh swim suit maker I have see SO FAR.)


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