The time you have all been waiting for.. is NOW.

The hair fair has started!
And, I will tell you now, there are a lot of places to visit, and many gifts, great deals, so many new releases….
Just look at this MAP!

HF2012 Map

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First I would like to thank the hair fair organizers for, accepting my blogger request, and allowing me to be a part of this event!
It meant a lot to me, and I just wanted to let you all know this.

This year, I found so many stores that, either I never knew existed or, stores that have been around since I first started SL.

This week I will be posting photos randomly in my blog of hairs that are either, gifts from the designers that are available at their booths for you or, hairs that I personally bought because, I could not live without them OR, and this will likely happen later today, items from designers that I actually blog/review! Such as Exile, Tameless, Hairoin and a few others.

I won’t hide it.. I went a little crazy at the fair… but, hey who wouldn’t?

Below are URLS to each booth.
The URLS were graciously provided by the organization team of the Hair Fair for us bloggers so that we, could provide them for YOU..
I do not envy how much pain that must have been for them to do but, I do thank them for all their time and effort!

We have this awesome lady over at Seraphim that I blog with named, Lashae Karsin….
I feel for her but, she did an awesome thing for everyone…
She actually went all over the hair fair and took photos of EVERYTHING!!!
You can see the photos here!
And folks, if you have a moment, send her a thank you!
Maybe in a comment on the blog.. she did A LOT of work.. and kept me entertained!!! LOL!
Thank you, Lashae!

Once you land at the hair fair there is a “Hair Fair Map”, you will want this.. and you will want to make the “world map” a very good friend. lol.

There is a low lag outfit at the landing point, so I would suggest removing all your prims, and grabbing this outfit, one for a male and one for a female, so that you can have a (lower) lag experience!

BTW! In the bandana room, look for my Pink Bandana! (it will say, so hawt sl)
And grab as many of those awesome bandanas, this event is for children, and the bandanas are very unique!
And please be ready for Bandana Day!!! July 29th!
Photo by Sasy Scarborough
(advertisement photo by Sasy Scarborough)

Another great thing to do is JOIN THE DEMO GROUP!!!
This way, you can see the demos in your own home, lag free and then follow the guide below to find the hairs that you want… then when you have them you can feel free to walk around and see the NEW stuff!!

For more ideas on how to enhance your experience, check out the Hair Fair Blog, and scroll to the bottom and see the TIPS section.
There is a lot of great advice and info in that post so, read it, live it, LOVE IT! Hahah… I DO!!!!

So, quick photo for a TEASER!!
With this photo, the ONLY editing I did was, the framing, layout, and flatten.. nothing to my avatar or hair at all.
Windlight setting, Places – Pairs.

This set falls under the “category” could NOT live without it!!

Wasabi Pills

There will be tons of blog posts coming up, and I will do my best to share as much as possible!




Ison 􀀃

Action 􀀄

Pr!tty 􀀅

Amacci 􀀆

Nushru 􀀇

Zibska 􀀈

Alice Project 􀀉

L + N Signature 􀀊

KiK 􀀋

ChiChickie 􀀌

Gauze 􀀍

Lamb 􀀎

MiaMai 􀀏

Hair Studio One 􀀐

Battle Angel 􀀑

LollipopZ 􀀒

Iconic 􀀓

D!va 􀀔

Adorkable Poses (official pose creators for Hair Fair 2012)􀀕

Garden Sim

Tekeli-li Dark Artistry 􀀁


Calico Ingmann Designs 􀀃

Diorsis Hair Design 􀀄

Frou Frou 􀀅

Mina Hair 􀀆

Tameless 􀀇

LeLutka 􀀈

Waka&Yuki 􀀉

Curious Kitties 􀀊

Logo 􀀋

Rosy Mood 􀀌

Entente 􀀍

Alli & Ali 􀀎

Leverocci 􀀏

Ploom 􀀐

Ivanka Akina 􀀑

Iren 􀀒

Hair Addictive 􀀓

Nikita Fride 􀀔

Fashionably Dead 􀀕

Sand Sim

Milana Hair 􀀕

RedMint 􀀔

Argrace 􀀓

KMADD Enterprise 􀀒

Sugarsmack Hairstudio 􀀑

Laviere 􀀐

Decoy 􀀏

OhMai 􀀎

Exile 􀀍

sYs 􀀌

Mons 􀀋

Bliensen + MaiTai 􀀊

Illusory 􀀉

Elikatira 􀀈

Bliss Couture 􀀇

Slink 􀀆

Fiction & Chaos 􀀅

Clawtooth 􀀄

Urban Lutz Hair 􀀃

Colors 􀀂

Hairstyles by Tami McCoy 􀀁

Water Sim

Gotzsche 􀀀

Emo-tions 􀀁

Heartless 􀀂

Vanity Hair 􀀃

Hinako 􀀄

Epoque 􀀅

Damselfly Salon 􀀆

Wasabi Pills 􀀇

Discord Designs 􀀈

Enigma Hair 􀀊

Hairoin 􀀋

Bishwear 􀀌

Esk-imo 􀀍

Magpie 􀀎

Rock Candy 􀀏

Miss C 􀀐

Cheerno 􀀑

LoovusDzevavor 􀀒

Lala Moon 􀀓

Analog Dog 􀀔

Censored 􀀕

Dark Side Creations 􀀉

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