Hey Pinkie!

Hey everyone!
I hope your having a great weekend!

First and foremost! We need some mood music, and this is dedicated to all that Second Life! LOL Since, SL is nothing about a FUNHOUSE! lol

Today I will be sharing new releases!
That’s right, some of my favorite ppl have some kickin releases this week!

Truth, !Admiral Spicy!, Para Designs!

Gotta love them all! So here are a few kick ass photos (toot tootin my own horn LOL), and all the info you need to find each cool item!

Hair as always comes in all the colors you would normally find!
I am going to do this alittle differently..
Read below the LMs to see notes on each item!
This way, you know what I am making comments on! xo

Photo 1

Hey Pinkie!

Shape: .:*[S]alt [AND] [P]epper]*:. Shape Liah
Note: I still love this shape. And I still stand by what I suggested, I still think there should be demos.
I DO suggest that you as a customer should stop by and check out the store.
They do have some awesome shapes, and tattoos.

Skin: the body co. Orchid (01 Fair) – blonde hair
Note: If you have noticed, I am obsessed with this skin! I love it to death!
Sure not all the skins worked with my avie but this one is PERFECT!)

Hair: >TRUTH< Luana – light blondes
Note: I love all Truth hairs!
This is my very favorite of this week!
I love the poofy bushy look to it! However, it doesn’t go out of control, and you can see the ends are like Real Life!

Eyes: [LeLutka]-Ellis-Vine/M
Note: These eyes are very realistic with nice lighting effect to them.

Ears: Info Below! As well as a great close up!

Tattoo: Para Designs – ::Para Designs:: Pink Rock Tattoo
Note: Another amazing tattoo! I love how vibrant the colors are! And guys, if you want to touch your inner rock star, this tattoo also comes in black though, I love a guy in PINK!

Dress: !Admiral Spicy! Polka Dot Mini Dress (Pink) (comes in Black , Blue, Green, Red and of course! PINK!)
Note: Thank you to, Sunny1986 Ember for inviting me to the bloggers group!
I have loved your items ever since I saw them in a little store near Tiny Bird long ago!
I will be posting more items in this post from, Sunny1986 so, stay tuned!!!!

Shoes: Slink Lulu Stilettos Cream
Note: TOO DIE FOR HEELS!!! I am still praying to be able to get these in Black.. they are the BEST stringy stilettos I have EVER seen in second life! And the skin colors are easy to match!!

Piercing: [twee.] – Verigosa Piercing
Note: This is one of the best piercings I have seen in Second Life. Reason?
Look at the close up photo. This piercing was very easy to adjust, mind you back up your item before editing because, you do need BASIC edit prims knowledge!
I also told Luc, that I love how “clean” it looks.. there are many piercings however, you can still see my face!!

Photo 2

Hey Pinkie!2

Hair: >TRUTH< Marielle – light blondes
Note: This hair comes in two versions!
As far as I can tell one is longer then other.
I like this hair because, it is a more modern day, fresh bob style.

Top: *BOOM* Blood Elf
I bought this back in Feb. It is awesome because, it says “My other avatar is a Blood Elf”… and it is true! LOL.
I am an avid wow player!
Now I have all races.. almost.. Worgen, Blood Elf, Goblin… human.. elf.. LOL..
I am not sure if this is still available but, stop by and see, who knows maybe you will find your own “fav” shirt!

Pants: !Admiral Spicy! Simple Blue Jeans
Note: Another awesome new release from, Admiral Spicy! And, they are Mod!
So I was able to make them fit me! And now me fit THEM!

Wings/Ears/Fangs: !Admiral Spicy!Bad Bat Set
Note: Sunny has been very very busy!! This set is another new release!
And I love it!! It is just in time for Halloween.. but, you can wear it all year!

Photo 3

Hey Pinkie!3

Since this blog post has been going on longer then I had intended, LOL.. Here are all the new releases from, Truth Hawks (ty Truth!!).
As I stated earlier they all coming in all your normal color options!
This one is called, Swedish.. and I LOVE IT!
Plus, it looks killer with my skin! Which, is now my official NON BLogging skin.. well accept when I choose to post it, like today!
However, it is now my “every day” skin. love it! LOL.

Photo 4

Hey Pinkie!4

Ears: Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Fairy/Naturals
Note: I have owned these ears for, going on 2 years now. My old friend, Kuma (Takuma) took me to the store to hunt down new ears for me as my style at the time was morphing from a giant 7ft woman, into the tiny elf size that you see now in photos!
I fell in love with these ears, and wear them constantly ever since.
I constantly get asked where they are from, even from ppl that read my blog, and lol should know already but, they are from Illusions..
Their store is the perfect place for all fantasy fans.
Everything from costumes, to masks, to jewelery, to all different things.
These ears are very versatile.
They ear skin colors are made to match almost ANY skin tone out there now!
Be it, Curio.. to Chai there are 6 preset skin designers plus 1 extra for Nomine and then there is the “other” tab for your more neutral colors.
Sounds awesome right? That’s because it IS!!!!
Oh and I just took a peek.. and the ears themselves are mod.. so, if you can not find your tone.. MAKE ONE! LOL.
Also one other thing about these ears..
These ones have jewelery.
And there are several colors to choose from!
Normally I wear silver but, this post is black plastic.
See? PERFECT EARS! trust me, you will see them better through out my post today~!
Luc and I just TP’d to the store and the ears ARE still available!! YAY!

OKAY! We are at the end!! THANK GOD!
LOL.. I hope this post was informative, and that you at least ENJOYED it!

If I have missed anything, please let me know.

And Sunny!
Thank you so much for showing me that I don’t always have to worry about sending a designer my “resume”!



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