Astra Viewer….

Ok, so I tried the Astra Viewer..

I wanted to see mesh, without having to use V2…

This dress is a group gift.. From, Pixel Mode..
I think she did a great job..
Mind, the messed up look, lol I was crossing my legs, not the best pose but, nice dress.. esp on my curves!

No Edit PM Dress


I like it.. however, it is missing..

“clicking on avatar does NOT reset camera”
I NEED this option… I rotate my cam around my avie when blogging.. and my cam resetting over and over again, is a pain in my kaboos.

“add layers”
I love this option.. i was told the astra would be getting this option soon… I HOPE SO!

“places paris 1 & 2”
I can not live without my fav windlight setting…. *sadface*

So far.. those are the “major issues” I have found…………

If all you want to do is take photos or I think they support creating, then this is a great viewer..
I mean, I LOVE the fact that you can see mesh, AND the UI..
Oh god, I love the UI… but, those options above are my heart and soul of SL.. they make SL bearable to take photos and make ppl smile..

I wonder if they could add those options to this UI… hmm…
That would be AWESOME..

Anyway.. to each his or her own..
So, make sure to try the viewer and add your comments below..

And now, as I said flickr.. I do not have the links to the items in the photo however, I can tell you where they came from.

Skin: Mojo

Shape: Fashionably Late

Dress: Pixel Mode Group Gift

Hair: Damselfly

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