So Berry!

So Berry2


Lano Ling of, Poetic Eyes is not only an AWESOME friend but, a great eye designer!
See my peepers??
Lano made these based (mildly) on my real life eyes however, he added pink for me..
I love my eyes!! Thank you Lano!!

This cute little dress is a Meeroo Event going on RIGHT NOW…

I love this… I love strawberries.. and Evangeline of, Evie’s Closet , doesn’t disappoint me in the least!
This dress is called, *EC* Buga-A-Boo Berry Fairy – Red Berry , and it comes with the cute lil hat on my head!
There were two other colors… Brown and ummmmmm Teal?
Anyway, they are a great price and soooo sweet looking!!


My hair is from, KiK.. and it is a new release only availible at the Hair Fair currently..
It is called, [kik]hair-Fine-II(blonde)…
Mainstore & Hair Fair (til the 15th)

So Berry1

My ears are still my top 3 and they are called, Bokeh – Llew Elvish Ears “Celtic Cuffs”..
Actually, any of the ears from this place are awesome!

My boots are a new release from, BOTHER and are called, Rouge Boots [F] …
I think they give that.. I am a pretty berry prince look.. but still a tomboy at heart!

My dangerour tongue here, lol is, “OCELLO itai itai TONGUE”…
I don’t know why I am wearing it… just “felt right” after the last few days!

Personal Fav

The skin used here is a new release from, Filthy.. Jolie . Fair . 01…

And since I brought up the new skin release...
Here is a nice close up!!

Enjoy the photo and just an fyi the “location” of the above photos is “where it begins”..

So Berry3


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