To Di for CandyDoll

I am so late.. this will be a very fast pose!
Then, I am going to bed for a while!
Or at least DE SLing!

This “avatar” if from CandyDoll.
It includes, skin, clothing, hat and hair attachment!

It is called, -CandyDoll- Summer Avatar

To Di for CandyDoll 1

My shape is from a lovely freebie store called, Enky’s Dollarbie store!
And is called, Di’s KRIS shape. SHAPE only!
I did mod the height but, that is personal preference. I love the shape and it works great with CandyDoll skins!

To Di for CandyDoll 2

My “bits” are a various of things..

Eyes.. well my eyes are a cute and funny story.. well to me it is ..
I am looking for a pair of unique colored eyes.
I contacted a few ppl that I know that make amazing eyes, and a couple got back to me.
Lano Ling has offered to make my RL eyes with pink in them, which will be AWESOME. xoxo to Lano.
He is an awesome long time friend. And super talented.
OH Btw they recently opened an Outlet.. so, if you love their eyes, go to their mainstore where you can find all of their items. Including the outlet store!.

Now for the eyes that I am currently wearing.
Audrey Lamede owner of, .Insufferable Dastard was one of the ppl that I contacted.
She was very sweet. She let me know altho they did not have the style I was looking for she DID have this pair of Pink /Violet eyes.
I knew of these, since I own almost all of her eyes.. not quite but darn close lol.
Just incase though, she sent me these to use til I can get a suitable set.
THANK YOU Audrey!!

Also.. I decided to try Firestorm’s beta viewer, so I can use the “add layers” option.
And shadows lol.
Anyway.. what better place to get “lash and make up layers” then, Miamai & BOOM?

Shown here is, *BOOM* Love my eyes Liner and Mascara -thick & Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust

I love these combos..
The XGen lashes come with a makeup (tattoo) layer with a hairbase or without.
I am wearing WITH..

Thank you to GoGo for this awesome Tutorial!

Also worn here is, [LeLutka]-Teeth Alpha which is one of the best out there for teeth.
I would say that [LeLutka] & PXL are my top two that I wear almost all the time.

My hair was (maybe still is) a freebie from the Truth District store of Truth Hawks!
It is called, >TRUTH< Becky – light blondes ..
Truth is one of my longest favs.

Ok.. time for a break..
I hope this was informative!

Thank you for commenting!

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