Exile at the Hair Fair!

Yes that is right ladies, and gents..
The hair fair 2011 is here!

Hair Fair 2011 2nd July – 15th July donating a percentage of money raised to Wigs for Kids

Below are photos of the hair that is being offered by Exile!

And this release, is AMAZING..
I think Kavar Cleanslate has covered all of SL with this release!

All the tops in this post are LG femme_Ikat Wrap 2COLORWAYS for TDR, they are really cute!

The skin is, [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Stumble

Now the layout is alil off but, what is important is the product!
So without further delay!

Here is what your looking forward too from, EXILE.

Exile - 3
(with the exception on THIS photo, all photos are not edited past the back shadow. I hope that Kavar is pleased with them).

Exile - 1

(i find that Bailey is perfect for the beach and Glory is great for the office!)

Exile - 2

(Lady is PERFECT for those of you that love to RP on those Victorian rp sims.. and, Hollie is sweet and cute.. I think it would be perfect either for a child, or a spirited avie!!.. I love all of these!)

So, you want to know where to go, HUH?

Hair Fair 2011


Exile Mainstore

Do yourself a favor everyone..
lol, detach EVERYTHING.
Go, get the demos, and go home or to a sand box to try them on then go back!
Trust me, after seven years here, I know the low down LOL xoxo


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