Mad as a Raven..

7mad Ravens that is….

Song of the hour

Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting

Not sure why but, since taking this photo..
this song has been going off in my head.. over and over!
So, I am using it here!

Jared is now an official blogger for,
7mad;Ravens !

I have been wanting to get my “m’alt” into some male blogger groups.
So far I have three stores that Jared is a part of..
Every Pixel is Art
Elephante Poses

He/I am also in the Depraved Nation Events group.

So, my goal is working out.
I am just shy when applying as a blogger but,
for the most part everyone is really awesome about it…
Once they know that I, Morgana Hilra,
am also, Jared Shelter.

The items below are compiled of items from,
the upcoming Thrift Shop event as well as,
items from 7Mad;Ravens’ store..
Past events as well as current ones!

I hope you enjoy the post and as always,
I will have all your info below!

Oh also.. my upcoming shape, Christopher… has been revamped.
Thanks to those that gave suggestions and feedback!
I will be releasing Christopher & Kaela this week.

Mad as a Raven

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